Do you work with men?

Yes! I've enjoyed working with male clients throughout my career. My most recent specialization has been in working with mothers, but if you read through the rest of my website and think we might be a good fit, there is a strong chance we could work well together.

What ages do you work with?

I work with adults aged 18 and over.

Do you accept insurance?

Right now I am "In Network" with Medical Mutual of Ohio. For my clients with Medical Mutual health insurance, I take care of billing; All you would be responsible for is your co-pay/co-insurance, unless your deductible has not yet been met. I also work with private pay clients who do not wish to use their health insurance for a variety of reasons. If you have a different type of health insurance, I will do my best to provide referrals to other well-qualified therapists in the area. I can also provide a specific type of receipt that you can file to receive "Out of Network" benefits from your health insurance company (other than Medical Mutual of Ohio). That means that you would be responsible for payment and then would be reimbursed for a portion of the costs directly by your health insurance company.

After a phone consultation am I obligated to schedule with you?

No! The phone consultation is just a brief conversation to determine if the basics (schedule, finances, and presenting concern) indicate a good match between us. Typically, we would both have a better sense of our therapeutic match after a few sessions. At any time, I am happy to provide referrals if you think another therapeutic style or modality might work better for you. I may also provide referrals if I get the sense that you would be better servedby another specialist or multidisciplinary team in the area. My goal is for you to get the services you need, whether that's with me or not.

Do you have evening or weekend hours?

Most of my hours are currently during the day, including early morning (8 am) and lunch-time appointments. I do have a few evening and weekend openings, but these are frequently filled quickly. When we talk, I can let you know what types of openings I currently have and make sure you know whether my availability would work well with your schedule.

What do I do in an emergency?

If you are a current client and you are experiencing thoughts of hurting yourself or others or other symptoms that are scaring you, tell someone around you and either call 911, or go directly to your nearest emergency room to get a thorough assessment. Another great resource is the 24/7 Crisis Hotline (216-623-6888) through Frontline Service of Cuyahoga County. They also have an online chat service and resources on their website, You may also wish to leave me a voice-message so that I can help coordinate your care, but please don't wait for a response back before you seek emergency help.